What is Wellness?


Wellness always played a major role traditionally in the martial arts globally. Anyone who practice any physical activity especially martial arts are bound to get injuries (major/minor) at some point. When one gets injured it is taking away from their training time. So the quicker one can heal or reduce the pain, the quicker they can start training again. Whenever there is anything wrong with the human body there is something out of balance, at that point it is just a matter of trying to figure out what is the root cause and attempt to put the body back in balance to get back to perfect health. With that being said, many martial artist trained in traditional medicine and many times became the village doctor or medicine man. However as we got closer to modern times the martial arts started separating itself from traditional medicine practice since it was too time consuming to learn. Wellness and proper diet was prime focus to a traditional martial artist like any modern professional athlete who need to maintain a proper healthy diet and healthy lifestyle to maintain their peak. Now many martial arts school just add cardio for their wellness and give the illusion that’s all you need. We will be incorporating wellness coaching and pain relief as a part of your training regiment. Bringing back old ways to your modern 21st century training.

Wellness Coaching

Our Wellness Coaching is a all rounded holistic wellness personal lifestyle coaching. With the aid of multiple health/wellness concepts and training (Eastern/Western), we strive to give the client a balance with mind, body and spirit literally & not figuratively. This is not just a regular exercise chore or bootcamp class. But a new healthy way of daily life. If the practitioner can stick out this course they will be training health habits as a part of their daily routine. The regular industry exercise classes have a practitioner leaving the class completely exhausted or even extremely sore at times. Our Welness Coaching session have a dual end result, people will feel the slight aches of their muscles from the exercises & simultaneously feeling recharged or even lightness in their body per feedback from previous class participants.

There are 4 components to this coaching session:
1. Body Aches & Pain Relief
2. Stress Relief & Mental Empowerment
3. Common Sense/Proper Diet & Digestion Health
4. Internals Core Training & Body Alignment Exercises


Wu Tai Chi Internals
This is a rare Wu Tai Chi Internal Core Training that was developed by Master Stephen Hwa that is a stand alone curriculum from the Wu Tai Chi 108 Form. More like a Tai Chi Fundamentals 101 class that is needed before learning the Wu Tai Chi 108 Form. His primary goal was to teach a beginner, seasoned martial artists or athletes how to connect with their inner body core. Some Tai Chi lineages are still taught globally as a Martial Art as it was originally intended, but majority just teach it for the wellness aspect. Tai Chi has great internals health benefits but many never achieve that goal in their lifetime since they do not know what is the true essence of internals training. Aspects of the Wu Tai Chi Internals Core Training will be taught to get the practitioner to learn to connect with their core & reap long term health benefits for their internal organs & the rest of their body.


Mental Empowerment
Created to help the client to break free from the shackles of fear, insecurities, stress, depression, etc. A fresh new path to self enlightenment & another lifestyle change.


Holistic Pain & Stress Relief
Pain & Stress are opposites of the same coin, just like smoke & fire or thunder & lightening. Our holistic relief tackles that dual problem as a whole resulting in a breath taking weight off your shoulder when the session is completed. That is just the physical fix to stress, the rest is handled by mental empowerment coaching. Being a martial artist for 32+ years or anyone doing any regular athletic activities, it is not a matter of if one will get injuries (major/minor) but a matter of when. And when the injuries occurs it is taking away valuable training time till the injury pain has reduced. So as a martial artist certain tricks of the trade was learned over the years to reduce pain quicker in a shorter period of time. This way one can reduce their training down time due to injuries. In this process it was discovered that it also took away stress & allows one to get a good night sleep that same night in most cases as a cool side effect. Hence the 2 for the price of 1 relief was born. Plus we teach our clients certain exercises to help strengthen any weak muscles & slowly help the body repair some of the damage & help to reduce any flare up pains the client might experience on off days between pain relief sessions.

Our Mission & Goal

Our mission at Historical African Martial Arts and Wellness (HAMAW) is to bring back traditional, holistic methods to coexist in the daily routines of people by incorporating wellness coaching and pain relief as a part of their lifestyle.

Our goal is to educate people on how to maintain a proper healthy way of life. We offer a unique wellness experience for people, by providing the best holistic therapy. We deliver with pride, authenticity, originality and honesty and continuously strive for improvement.