Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Wellness Coaching?

 Our Wellness Coaching is a all rounded holistic wellness personal lifestyle coaching. With the aid of multiple health/wellness concepts and training (Eastern/Western) we strive to give the client a balance with mind, body and spirit literally & not figuratively. This is not just a regular exercise chore or bootcamp class. But a new healthy way of daily life.

2. How do you take care of stress?

We use physical methods to remove over 50% of the built up stress & mental empowerment coaching to help reduce the remaining balance.

3. What is mental empowerment?

Created to help the client to break free from the shackles of fear, insecurities, stress, depression, etc. A fresh new path to self enlightenment & another lifestyle change.

4. Can you fix joint pains?

No, we cannot fix joint pains, you might need medical help depending on the degree of the joint damage. However the joint pain radiates to the surrounding muscles & that’s why the attached limb has major pains. Our method assist in reducing the limbs muscle pains to the point that the client can tolerate light bearable to almost no limb pains after the session based on multiple feed backs from clients.

5. What is holistic pain/stress relief?

Pain & Stress are opposites of the same coin, just like smoke & fire or thunder & lightening. Our holistic relief tackles that dual problem as a whole resulting in a breath taking weight off your shoulder when the session is completed. That is just the physical fix to stress, the rest is handled by mental empowerment coaching. Being a martial artist for 32+ years or anyone doing any regular athletic activities, it is not a matter of if one will get injuries (major/minor) but a matter of when. And when the injuries occurs it is taking away valuable training time till the injury pain has reduced. So as a martial artist certain tricks of the trade was learned over the years to reduce pain quicker in a shorter period of time. This way one can reduce their training down time due to injuries. In this process it was discovered that it also took away stress & allows one to get a good night sleep that same night in most cases as a cool side effect. Hence the 2 for the price of 1 relief was born. Plus we teach our clients certain exercises to help strengthen any weak muscles & slowly help the body repair some of the damage & help to reduce any flare up pains the client might experience on off days between pain relief sessions.

6. What type of pains can be relieved with our process?

Everyone’s body type & pains are different & unique, so the relief varies per person. But so far the following body parts pain or pain type was aided via our relief sessions:

~ Headaches & Migraines
~ Neck
~ Shoulder
~ Arms
~ Hands
~ Back
~ Sciatica
~ Legs
~ Joints
~ Feet

7. How long the effects of 1 full pain/stress relief session will last?

That’s a loaded question, since as mentioned earlier, everyone’s pain/stress is unique. But on a average based on client’s feedback the effects of 1 full pain/stress relief session last a average of 1 week.

8. What is involved in a 1st Consultation/Trial session?

This is a meet & greet, information gathering, evaluation on your aliments, administer a short trial session to see if we can assist you & to see if you think you can benefit from our services based on the before & after results. If your ailments is beyond our scope we will give you alternative options.

9. How long are your sessions?

~ 1st Consultation/Trial Session last approximately 20 minutes.

~ Level 1 session (Back only) last approximately 20 minutes.
~ Level 2 session (Back & Arms or Legs) last approximately 40 minutes.
~ Level 3 session (Back & Shoulders) last approximately 60 minutes.
~ Level 4 session (Back, Shoulders & Arms or Legs) last approximately 60 minutes.

10. Why is your sessions so short & what makes you different than everyone else?

For starters, almost every pain relief in the industry works eventually, just a matter of the time frame it takes to do the job & completely reduce/remove pain. That’s where we are different, not saying we are better than anyone else, we are just being more efficient on trying to reduce or eliminate pain at a faster rate. Almost everyone who we worked on stated they have done some type of therapy in the past & on average it takes 24 hours to feel the results, but most time they leave the session more sore than when they walked in. And they are popping pills in the meantime. In our case most of our clients feel immediate relief once the session is over. They can give us almost instantaneous feedback in minutes versus a few days. We are not curing anyone, just reducing or removing pain/stress at a faster rate. If you don’t want to take our word read our client’s Wellness Testimonials & if that doesn’t convince you take our $20 Consultation/Trial Challenge. Once our evaluation narrows down your issue as something within our workable scope. If not & it’s chronic you may need to seek proper Medical help.

11. Can I get a refund on a trial/full Pain/Stress Relief?

*Cancellation Policy:

1. After a class/session begins, it is non-refundable.
2. Full refunds for cancellations made 24 hours before the class/session, Refunds may take 5-7 business days depending on your financial payment institution.
3. There is a $10 cancellation fee for cancellations made under 2 hours before the class/session.
4. No Refunds for No-Call/Text No-Shows class/session.

Note: All trial/full sessions are non-transferable and expire within 30 days from the purchase date. An appointment made within the initial 30-day purchase time frame can be rescheduled if 24-hour notification is given to HAMAW prior to the scheduled class/session at no extra cost. There are no makeup dates for monthly students who miss any classes.

*Cancellation policy is subject to change without notice.

12. Who can benefit from your pain/stress relief?

Practically anyone who has pain, stress, fatigue, aches after a full day/week of work at the office, work in a physically demanding job, sit in a chair all day at work/school, if you are a active martial artists, active athlete, elderly, completed any physical/medical therapy and still have lingering major pains even with prescribed drugs, chronic pains, etc.


Sunday Mornings: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.


Please contact us directly for class location.


Yes we teach kids but we do not have a kids only class at the moment for the Tai Chi Internals. The youngest age varies according to the child’s maturity level & how in tune they are with their body muscular control. Please contact us directly to do a evaluation with any child under 10 years old to see if they are eligible to take this class along with the other adult students.


No age limit, this class is perfect for the elderly. As we get older falling is one of the biggest problems among the elderly and this class teaches them to improve their balance. Along with sedentary lifestyle and limited physical core exercises the elderly will have many internal organs or bowel issues. The limited physical activity will also result in reduced arm and leg strength. This class will assist with these problems.


No uniforms at this moment in time, just wear loose comfortable t-shirt (non offensive artwork), sweat pants, loose comfortable pants, socks & comfortable pair of walking sneakers. No Sagging or revealing clothing. No jewelry or body piercings (to avoid injury to yourself or other students). Bring a towel, a bottle of water, a yoga mat and a small hands free bag to carry your personal belongings if you have to do any long distance walking.


Yes, you can pay by the class for $20 for a trial class & you can book additional trial guests also for $20. We need to know the amount of people attending to make accommodation for any large groups. This is not a show & tell class so if you bring guests we would rather them try out the class as well. However if your guest just want to watch we ask for no distractions, no loud talking or cellphone conversations within the class training area. No pictures, no videos, no social media posting & no audio recordings without permission. This is not just for our privacy but the privacy of other students who may not want their deeds publicly known on the web.