Read Some Testimonials About The Sessions…

Ruby| retired nurse | Mt. Vermont, New York

The treatments were very invigorating…love it a lot! It helps my aches and pains.

Ismael | Business Analyst | Pompano Beach, Florida

I attended one session and my chronic back issue disappear. I feel great!

Steven | School Administrator | Plantation, Florida

I have always been physically active in sports and working out in general for many years. Naturally, I experienced injuries. Hence, I have lingering pain in my shoulder from a sports activity over 20 years ago. No Trainer, Therapist or Doctor could help alleviate the pain. So I decided to give it one last chance. After my first session of wellness treatment, my shoulder was in no more pain and I could move it around better than I have in a long time. It seemed so simple yet so effective. I definitely will continue with this treatment because I can now enjoy my physical activities and life while being pain free.


Maria | call center supervisor | pompano beach, Florida

I have tried many different forms of stress relief in my life and some worked while others didn’t. However none of them truly mounted up to the effectiveness of the method Andre used on me. In just one session I experienced an immediate difference in my well being. My stress levels went down. I must also add that I had a refreshing nights sleep that very same night. Slept like a baby! That was an unexpected blessing as I haven’t had that pleasure in a long time. This was all within a time frame of less than 24 hours. Truly an experience you want to repeat regularly!

Dimitri | Sales Agent | Miami, Florida

After going through life throws and trails, I needed a relief to release anxiety. Each session From the oxygen breathing exercise, to adjusting my body alignments, and mental training. It help me be more aware of my surrounds and enhance my reflexes and strength.

Kamau | Retired | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The wellness/pain/stress relief classes has kept me flexible and relieved of lower back issues.

Andrew | Electrician | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Unique relief relieves my “Chronic” neck and shoulder pain as if gone forever. I feel like I am in a new body after the session was done. I suffered neck and shoulder pain for years after a three car accidents which left me with limited mobility of my neck and arm. Doctors called it “Chronic” because my suffering lasted over a year. I got Cortisone Shots which helped but the pain would come back after several months. My body learned to ignore pain until I am reminded or it gets cold.

This Pain Relief done by Andre is unbelievable. The experience I had was like an immediate relief. It has been over a month already with just one session done and I still have full mobility of my neck and arm with no pain 99 percent of the time. I plan to continue more sessions and would recommend him to anyone.

Robert| physician| Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Treatment with Andre relieved my back pain and loosened up muscle spasms so that I was able to resume my daily activities

Elaine | Contract Analyst | Union City, Georgia

My cousin came to visit me last September, who heard me complaining about the pain in my shoulders and back. So I took up his offer to ease the pain. I was a little skeptical at first but after 10 minutes working my shoulders the pain was completely gone.

Edward | Physical Security Manager | North Lauderdale, Florida

I have been experiencing painful knees lately and Andre performed a procedure around my knee joint area that greatly reduced the discomfort and increased mobility in just one short session. Andre’s procedure is highly recommended.

Patricia |Technical Support Agent | Miami, Florida

I had neck and shoulder pains for months. Andre was able to reduce my pain. After each session I felt like a new person. He also recommended exercises I can use at home to help manage the pain. Excellent practitioner.