Pain/Stress Relief Session Rates

Andre is dedicated to the highest quality therapeutic wellness by honoring the physical, emotional and mental aspects of his client’s life. In order to better assess your needs, and prior to booking a full session a mandatory initial consultation is required. The initial consultation provides an evaluation and a trial session for $20.


Level 1
Back Only
20-Minute Sessions
1 session/month = $40
2 sessions/month = $70 (save $10)
4 sessions/month = $140 (save $20)

Level 2
Back & Arms Or Legs
40-Minute Sessions
1 session/month = $80
2 sessions/month = $140 (save $20)
4 sessions/month = $280 (save $40)

Level 3
Back & Shoulders
60-Minute Sessions
1 session/month = $100
2 sessions/month = $170 (save $30)
4 sessions/month = $340 (save $60)

Level 4
Back, Shoulders, Arms Or Legs
60-Minute Sessions
1 session/month = $120
2 sessions/month = $200 (save $40)
4 sessions/month = $400 (save $80)

Tai Chi Internals Classes & Rates

The Tai Chi Internals core training class was created to teach a student how to engage their body core muscles to control their arms and legs. This is a Tai Chi Fundamentals 101 class developed by Master Stephen Hwa to teach people the Internals before attempting to learn the Wu Tai Chi 108 form. The classes are good for general health, increase inner organs health, improve balance, improve spinal health, improve neuromuscular control, improve body alignment, improve body posture, improve walking & improve overall limb strength. Beneficial for martial artists, athletes, elderly and the general public. Some class exercises will involve floor exercises & walking.

Class Times:
Monday & Tuesday Evenings: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings: 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Class Rates:
$30 Pay Per Class*
$80 Per Month*
*Rates are subject to change without notice

Items needed for classes:
-1. Comfortable clothing
-2. Comfortable walking sneakers for any long distance walking
-3. Towel
-4. Bottle of water
-5. Small hands free travel bag to carry personal belongings
-6. Yoga mat for floor exercises

For Trial/Full Time Students

1. Wear loose comfortable t-shirt (non offensive artwork), sweat pants, loose comfortable pants, socks & comfortable pair of sneakers.

2. No raised heel shoes, no open toe shoes, no slippers or strapped open footwear. Only fully enclosed shoes such as a pair of comfortable sneakers are recommended.

3. No Sagging. No revealing clothing, no short shorts, no yoga pants,  no mini skirts, no skirts or dresses.

4. No jewelry or any body piercings (to avoid injury to yourself or others).

5. No keys, cell phones or anything in your pockets (to avoid injury to yourself or others).

6. Please mute your cellphone or put it on vibrate during class and if you have to take a call please leave the class area to take your call.

7. Bring a bag for your personal belongings, a towel, a bottle of water & a yoga mat if you have one.

8. All students will be informed once per week if classes are been held or canceled for any reason to respect everyone’s valuable time.

9. Please let us know at least 1 day or 2 hours before class if you are attending class or not to respect our valuable time.

10. No pictures, no videos, no social media posting & no audio recordings without permission. This is not just for our privacy but the privacy of other students who may not want their deeds publicly known on the web.