Mark | Project Manager | Lauderhill, Florida

Andre has a unique perspective on self defense and martial arts. He has a way of breaking it down to the essentials and most effectiveness. His decades of martial arts experience shows.

Ismael | Business Analyst | Pompano Beach, Florida

Great fun and educational… a must take! Bring friends and family.

Steven | School Administrator | Plantation, Florida

Training and studying African Martial Arts has been one of the most uplifting and transformational journeys that I have ever experienced. Not only do I learn the physical side of the art; I also learn of its origins and significance. Appreciating and practicing this art has allowed me to also assist in improving my physical health and how I take on daily life in the real world. The personal attention has enabled me to grow as a human being in ways I could have never imagined. I am enjoying the journey more and more and there is no where else I would rather train. Forever grateful!

Julian | Realtor | Coral Springs, Florida

‘Andre’s African Stick Fighting martial arts is an Awesome Art! It develops courage, self confidence, endurance and strength. It is very educational, it teaches about other cultures history and traditions. In this class, you also learn about your body and how to reduce and eliminate every day aches and pain… even the number one killer which is stress. It is an easy short art to learn that does not take years to learn and can be applied in every day situations. My name is Julian, I am a Realtor. I don’t have a lot of time and I found this art to be an excellent wellness program.

Dimitri | Sales Agent | Miami, Florida

Now, this is the class if you want to enter a new world of ancient techniques. This will unlock a lot of inner skills human beings have trapped inside their whole lives. This was the class that really enhance my speed and my strengths, especially defense. Same muscles more weights I was adding on at the gym after just a few weeks of learning one of the joint training techniques.
Dimitri, Sales Agent, Miami, Fl

Kamau | Retired | Ft Lauderdale, Florida

I am thoroughly enjoying the African Martial Arts training. I have learnt several important things that I took for granted:

(1) breath- to not hold the breath, always breathing.

(2) relax.

(3) use my peripheral vision.

(4) not to be passive when in defensive mode. I am also staying physically fit…

I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida… I am a retired Bus/Truck Mechanic Foreman.